The Hong Kong Entomological Newsletter

Contributions are invited for the 1st issue of the Hong Kong Entomological Newsletter (HKEN), due for publication end of July 2010. We are looking for items corresponding to the following non-exclusive topics:
1. Accounts of interesting or unusual insect observations;
2. Photographs for a themed ‘gallery’, featuring high quality images illustrating, e.g., an aspect of insect behaviour. Theme for 1st issue: Insect mating
3. Entries for the Newsletter cover photograph (selected from the gallery)
4. Reviews of new books on insects of the bioregion (Hong Kong, Macau, tropical southern China, Indochina);
5. List of recent publications on insects of the bioregion;
6. News of insect research (academic or amateur) being conducted locally
7. Requests for information by individuals interested in particular insect groups.
8. Summaries of recent papers published by Society members in other journals;
9. Reports on various Society activities;
10. List of new Society members;
11. Reports on insect recording schemes;
12. etc.

HKEN is an online, biannual newsletter (January and July) published by the Hong Kong Entomological Society (HKES). It is open to contributions from members and non-members alike. Articles could be written in English or in Chinese accompanied by English summary. Please send your article and photos to: