The Hong Kong Entomological Bulletin
Guidelines for Authors

The Bulletin of the HK Entomological Society (HKEB) invites authors to submit papers reporting on all aspects of Insecta in Hong Kong and the wider bio-region, including biology, behaviour, ecology, systematics, taxonomy, genetics and morphology. Papers can be original research results, reviews or short communications in those various fields, there is no page limit to the manuscripts and no page charge will be applied.

Manuscripts should be submitted in concise and grammatically correct English as a Microsoft Word or equivalent file to the email address of the editors, together with a covering letter containing the full address and telephone/fax numbers where the corresponding author can be reached. Bilingual papers are acceptable as long as a full English translation is provided. Spellings should be in British English.

George Ho W. C.:

Authors are invited to follow the guidelines for presentation as set out below.

1 Format
All papers shall be A4 portrait, typeface Arial 10pts, justified left and right. Line spacing should be set to one.
Use the metric system for text, tables and figures. Tables and figures must be numbered with Arabic numerals and referred to in the text (as Table 1, Fig. 1 etc). Photographs should be labelled as figures, not plates. The legends of the figures and tables should be typed above the item they refer to. Maps should have a scale bar and indicate the direction of North. Designate time in the 24-hour system and write it as 06:30h or 20:00h. Use the European system of calendar notation (e.g. 4 November 2009). Try to avoid the use of endnotes; do not use footnotes. For species names write the binomial name in italics, giving an initial capital to the first word (the genus) and the describing author name and date on first mention:
Macromerella honesta (Smith 1855). On second mention, abbreviate the genus as M. honesta. Use the full name if placed at the start of a paragraph.

Manuscripts should be presented as follows and in order (complete content not always required):

Title: A concise and informative title, with author’s name(s) and correspondence details
Abstract + key words. The abstract is not necessary for short communications. Up to eight English keywords should be listed
Text (including figures and tables, if any)
Appendix (if any)

The text should always start with an Introduction.
For papers dealing with experimental or comprehensive studies, the text should generally be arranged as follows:


However, a simpler form is more appropriate for short communications and reviews.

2 Illustrations
All illustrations are to be submitted electronically in high resolution, no less than 1500pixels x 1500pixels; 300-600dpi, either JPEG (12) or TIFF; line drawings should be 1600dpi, regardless of whether in JPEG or TIFF format.

3 Citations and References
In text citations should be as:

(Smith, 1970) for one author
(Smith and Jones, 2009) for two authors
(Smith et al., 1985) for three or more authors
(Smith 1982a, 1982b) for references published by the same author or team of authors in the same year, use “a” for the first reference cited, “b” for the second and so on
(Smith, 1981; Jones, 1995; Adams, 2001) put multiple citations in chronological order

The reference list should be arranged alphabetically by name of author, and include the full citation details of all references cited in the text, presented as follows:

Reference to an article in journal: Nambu, T., 1966. Studies on the biology of eight species of Trypoxylon (Hym., Sphecidae) occurring in Japan, with some notes on their parasites. The Life Study 10(1-4): 5-16.
Reference to book: Evans, H.E. and West-Eberhard, M.J., 1970. The Wasps. The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor. 265pp.
Reference to an article in a book: Turillazzi, S., 1991. The Stenogastrinae. In: The Social Biology of Wasps (Ross, K.G. & Matthews, R.W., eds.). Cornell University Press: 74-98.
Reference to article/book on the internet: Barthelemy, C., 2008. A Provisional Identification Guide to the Social Vespids of Hong Kong, (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Downloaded from

Always cite your sources, whether textual or graphic. In the case of graphics make sure your caption for the graphic includes a copyright disclaimer from the original author(s)/editors, unless the copyright has expired.

4 Deadline for submissions
The bulletin is uploaded twice yearly, at the end of April and October.
For the April issue the deadline for submission of manuscripts is 1st of March and for the October issue it is 1st of September.
An edited proof will be sent to the author four weeks before publication for final revisions. For papers with multiple authors, please indicate the corresponding author (usually the lead author) to whom manuscripts should be returned. Authors should submit their revised manuscripts within two weeks of receipt of the edited proof.

5 Review
At the editors’ discretion, manuscripts may be sent for review by an authority in the concerned field. Authors are to recommend a reviewer (giving contact details) for their paper in their covering letter. The editors will then coordinate the review with the reviewer. If an appropriate reviewer cannot be found, papers may still be published, but with an editorial disclaimer.